Growth oppurtunity – APCO Infra


Growth oppurtunity

APCO gives privilege to its employees for growth and expansion.

At APCO the excellence and dedication of the employees makes APCO great as a company. APCO knows when employees are empowered they give their best & they all are motivated towards the path of success. APCO allows its staff to head and respect their decision taken for self development. APCO gives a healthy work environment to its employees who find a chance to grow to make difference to their personal & professional life. APCO values human capital because it believes ‘individual success collectively makes the company successful. At APCO employees are constantly in learning process and implementing new ideas for the betterment of company.

Driving force of APCO

  • Orientation of performance and results.
  • Adapting the environment which is ever changing and developing its employees with good knowledge and skills to face all the coming challenges.
  • Build up a corporate culture.
  • Training & Development Drive.

Growing with APCO

APCO is a fast growing company and give key focus to its employees  along with Professional, Financial, Personal growth and development.The targets are set and employees are motivated to achieve them.

Personal Growth

Employees attain their personal growth by working under a healthy work environment. Motivational session for weak employees is arranged. Employees are involved and encouraged  to work for the social causes contribute for their best.

Professional Growth

Professional growth is gained by individuals serving the company by taking training and motivational session in the company.

Financial Growth

APCO evaluate the performance of every employees and rewards given to the top performer of employee. APCO rewards its employees by yearly PMS on the basis of target actually achieved by him.

  • Performance Review on Yearly basis-Performance Appraisals is the yearly practice at APCO. Employee is praised for his contribution as per the target set to achieve.
  • Promotional Activities-Regular promotions are given to employee who meet the  eligibility criteria and are top performer.