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India has one of the largest road networks in the world (over 3 million km at present). For the purpose of management and administration, roads in India are divided into the following five categories:

  • National Highways (NH)
  • State Highways (SH)
  • Major District Roads (MDR)
  • Other District Roads (ODR)
  • Village Roads (VR)

The National Highways are intended to facilitate medium and long distance inter-city passenger and freight traffic across the country. The State Highways are supposed to carry the traffic along major centers within the State. Other District Roads and Village Roads provide villages accessibility to meet their social needs as also the means to transport agriculture produce from village to nearby markets. Major District Roads provide the secondary function of linkage between main roads and rural roads.

Industrial Sector

Energy is the earth’s most precious resource. Energy creates prosperity. Usable modern energy requires complex infrastructure.

And that’s where Apco, with its proven track record in infrastructure development, steps in to change the landscape of the present and future energy requirements. India’s energy requirement is growing exponentially and the need to find a solution is more pressing than ever before.

To meet the projected power requirement by 2012, an additional capacity addition of 100000 MW is required in the next two five year plans. Apco with its proven track record and technical expertise is making sure that it will play a lead role in reshaping India’s energy infrastructure landscape. Apco’s extensive experience in constructing Hydro Power projects has led it to venture into operating and managing Energy projects for the country.


Tunnels symbolize the most expensive type of transportation structures, which are difficult to build in addition with complicated design; the greatest challenges may be encountered during erection. As compared to other technical fields the technique of tunneling has not kept speedy with the development. This technique was initiated in early 1930’s.These projects were taken as a challenge by the companies constructing them; to serve the general public residing at hills.

Canal Project and its future

This is most likely and presumed that construction and management of canal projects will continue over the coming 25 years pretty much as they have done in the past 25. After seeing huge progress in infrastructure it can be said that projects related to canal ,irrigation ,power &highways have good scope. This will also depend upon other factors, like

  1. Central and state governments views for constructing large Canal.
  2. Multiple loan providers to promote these schemes.


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