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APCO Infratech Limited is a professionally managed organization with a dedicated team of engineers and professionals. The management of company believes in strong work ethos and transparent operation policies.
The management team of APCO is an eminent board of directors, headed by Managing Director. Team comprises of Joint Managing Director, Whole Time Directors and Associate Director.

Managing Director

 Mr. Anil Kumar Singh, Managing Director & founder of the APCO Infratech (P) Limited is a first generation entrepreneur. A graduate from Saket University, he started his journey as petrol pump owner at Faizabad in 1988. In 1992, he along with the other promoters formed company and commenced the activities in infrastructural construction.

Mr. Singh has two decades of rich experience and is well known for his inherent professionalism and the value systems that lie in his core. Besides EPC the company has paved its footprint in the energy sector and building construction as well.

Mr. Singh is a strong believer in synergy—the power of combined efforts and has successfully led the company through some of its most challenging times.

He is also an active patron member of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Builders Association of India, India’s prestigious Industry Associations.

Joint Managing Director

Mr. Vinod Kumar Singh is the Joint Managing Director of the Company. He is a graduate in Humanities from Saket University, Faizabad .He is symbolized in the Company as a person who is dedicated and  specialized in maximizing site profits through employee retention & control.

He joined the management team in 1992. He is the Initiator with high acumen of conceptualizing and implementing projects .Mr. Vinod Singh ensures complete compliance with project specifications. He headed many projects, mentionable among them is Khagaria-Purneea, 140 k.m. long, Road Project, awarded by Punj Lloyd, which was completed before time under his guidance.


Mr. R.P. Singh joined APCO Constructions in 1992 and was appointed as Promoter Director. He is efficiently skilled in traditional construction technology, Innovative engineering and management systems, thus have directed the company’s excellence in these areas.

Mr. R.P. Singh believes in close coordination with project teams alocated for planning, construction, subcontracting and vendor location & finalization.

He coordinates between enthusiastic and expert professional teams in estimating, cost planning and construction operations across the states, and is closely associated at pre and post construction stage of all major projects.

Associate Director

Mr. Amit Singh is the newest entrant in executive board committee. He has been the Associate Director of the Company since 2011. Mr. Amit Singh holds a graduate degree in commerce from Poddar College, India and a Post-graduate degree in Business Management from University of Kingston, London. From 2011–2013, he spearheaded Kursee- Road Project of Public Works Departments to its successful implementation.

Mr. Amit Singh monitors project progress of all running sites and focuses on efficient working. Mr. Singh is majorly responsible for administration and manages all interactions between APCO and Technical staff ensuring to maximize the value of engineering operations, quality and productivity improvements. He oversees the procurement planning, budgeting, cost controls and labour relations of continuing work sites.

Other Members

1) Mr.Arpit Singh is a Civil Engineering graduate from JAYPEE University of Information Technology, Himachal Pradesh.He has joined APCO as Assistant Director – Designing and implementation, taking charge of civil construction projects.

Mr. Arpit Singh has also been made in-charge of improvement of HR policies, implementation of ERP & development of MIS systems & formats, in addition to taking care of critical procurements & project implementation progress.

2) Mr. R.A. Yadav – Director. After completing his education at Saket University in Uttar Pradesh, he undertook a civil construction assignment of Public Welfare Department at Barabanki with Managing director of APCO in year 1991, before the formation of company. Later, Mr. Yadav decided to follow his passion in Civil and Engineering construction alongside the core team members of company on mainly architectural and highway contracts. He subsequently worked as a Project Director specializing in High way Construction.

3) Mr. D.B. Singh is co-founder & Director of company since its inception year 1992. Prior to joining the company Mr. Singh was practicing Lawyer of criminal law suits. He practiced law for almost a decade of 1983-1992. With post-graduate qualifications in Law, Mr. D.B. Singh effortlessly combines a broad understanding of construction and engineering with a practical and law abiding approach that results in completed projects that meet our expectations and those of our clients time and time again.